Near Violet

By René Ooms

Gives form, function and
identity to digital innovation.

I am a freelancer who loves to operate at the intersection of concept development, UI/UX design and brand experience.

I help you shape concepts and idea’s. Make them understandable and highly presentable. Design the digital products around them and make everything uniquely stand out in the crowd and recognisable.

From idea …
                 to working prototype

Example cases
About Rene


Organising and visualising
concepts and strategies

Going back to the basis of an idea. I make them understandable and presentable. Trying to sparkle and get attention in new and different ways. Making People enthousiast about an idea, getting People behind a vision inside a company or reach potential customers and users.


Giving teams, start-ups and
products a unique face

Make them stand out. I look for the space inside an existing brand or create something completely new. Making something sparkling and striking. An identity is not a static logo or styleguide. It's a fluid and responsive language about form, motion, depth, hierarchy etc.


Bringing everything together
to one focal point

Creating usable digital products. From a pain measurement game for a children hospital to business apps for KPMG. Trying to understanding the users. From concept, UX and visual design to prototype. Making them polished and memorable.